White 2021


White wine made 50% of the Muscat variety of Alexandria (big grain), 35% Sémillon and 15% Riesling. Percentages change depending on the year.
Verema is manual and is selected on the vine. The Muscat has a cold, five-day maceration with its skins, and the Sémillon and Riesling are pressed straight. Alcoholic fermentation is done in stainless steel and with the yeasts themselves coming from the grape. She has had a four-month-long upbringing with her mothers. It has not been leaked.

Year: 2021.
Graduation: 12.8 or flight.
Limited production of 4070 bottles.

Tast note

View: bright clean straw yellow.

Nas: white fruit like pear, and intense pine and banana notes. A slight floral touch appears.

Mouth: soft, and cool thanks to good acidity but not excessively marked. Untuous and with a long post-taste.

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