Brocat Muscat


A white wine made entirely from the Muscat of Alexandria variety (a grape with a large seed). This wine comes from a vineyard at 600 metres above sea level.
Hand-picked with grapes selected in the vineyard. Direct pressing and alcoholic fermentation in a stainless steel tank using yeast from the grapes themselves. Aged for two months with its lees.

Year: 2015.
Graduation: 12º vol.
Limited production of 1,200 bottles

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Clean, yellow straw and bright.

Nose: intense floral aroma, mainly rose and peaches, with the grape aromas normally associated with this variety.

Palate: Gentle and fresh with a good level of acidity, without being too harsh. Notes of pineapple. Smooth with a long-lasting after-taste.